Wesleyan Faculty By Department

Wesleyan Faculty

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Faculty Member Department(s)
Aaron, Gloster B. Biology Department
Adeboye, Ilesanmi Mathematics
Adediran, Suara A. Chemistry Department
Adelstein, Richard P. Economics Department
Aissa, Abderrahman Classical Studies
Aklaff, Pheeroan Music Department
Aksamija, Nadja Art and Art History
Alden, Jane Music Department
Alejandro, Pedro Dance Department
Angle, Stephen Philosophy Department
Aresu, Francesco Marco Romance Languages & Literature
Armstrong Roche, Michael Romance Languages & Literature
Ashley, Colin Patrick Sociology Department
Autry, Robyn Kimberley Sociology Department
Bachner, Sally English Department
Back, Hyejoo College of East Asian Studies
Baerman, Noah Music Department
Baeumel, Martin German Studies
Balasubrahmaniyan, B. Music Department
Barber, Charles College of Letters
Barnhart Trager, Joslyn Government Department
Barth, Hilary C. Psychology Department
Basile, Joseph M. Less Commonly Taught Languages
Basinger, Jeanine D. College of Film and Moving Ima
Bell, Sierra Anthropology Department
Bellocchio, Letizia Romance Languages & Literature
Beveridge, David L. Chemistry Department
Birney, Kate Classical Studies
Black, Drew Physical Education Department
Blümel, Reinhold Physics Department
Bodznick, David Biology Department
Bonin, John P. Economics Department
Bork-Goldfield, Iris German Studies
Boulware, Karl David Economics Department
Brewer Ball, Katherine Theater Department
Brown, Lois African American Studies Prog
Bruce, Neely Music Department
Bui, Long Thanh American Studies
Burge, Janet Elizabeth Mathematics
Burke, Ann Campbell Biology Department
Cacaci, Joe College of Film and Moving Ima
Caldwell, Lauren Classical Studies
Calter, Michael A. Chemistry Department
Cameron, Ron Religion Department
Caplan, Jennifer Ann Religion Department
Carney, Philip D. Physical Education Department
Carney, Sarah Kristin Psychology Department
Chakravarti, Sonali Government Department
Chan, Wai Kiu Mathematics
Charles, Douglas K. Anthropology Department
Charry, Eric S. Music Department
Chase, Clifford Curtis English Department
Chernoff, Barry Biology Department
Clawson, Mary Ann Sociology Department
Cohan, Frederick M. Biology Department
Cohen, Lisa English Department
Collins, Karen L. Mathematics
Collins, Stephen Edward College of Film and Moving Ima
Conn, Robert T. Romance Languages & Literature
Constantine, David A. Mathematics
Coolon, Joseph David Biology Department
Craighead, Bill Economics Department
Crooke, John T. Physical Education Department
Crosby, Christina English Department
Cunningham, Kim Sociology Department
Curran, Andrew Romance Languages & Literature
Curry, Walter Jr. Physical Education Department
Cutler, Jonathan Sociology Department
Dancey, Logan M Government Department
Danner, Norman Mathematics
Devoto, Stephen H. Biology Department
DiCenzo, Daniel A Physical Education Department
Dierker, Lisa C. Psychology Department
Dombrowski, Lisa A. College of Film and Moving Ima
Dowdey, Patrick Anthropology Department
Eisner, Marc A. Government Department
Ellis Neyra, Rachel English Department
Ellis, Fred M. Physics Department
Erickson, Paul Hilding History Department
Etson, Candice Marie Physics Department
Eudell, Demetrius L. History Department
Fieldsteel, Adam Mathematics
Finn, John E. Government Department
Fitzpatrick, Joseph J. College of Letters
Flores-Cuadra, Octavio Romance Languages & Literature
Foster, Rebecca Theater Department
Foyle, Douglas C. Government Department
Franklin Fowler, Erika Government Department
Fried, Michael A Physical Education Department
Friedberg, Harris A. English Department
Fry, Albert J. Chemistry Department
Fullilove, Courtney History Department
Fulton, Erika Kathleen Psychology Department
Fusso, Susanne Grace Russian, East European, and Eu
Gallarotti, Giulio Government Department
Gandolfo, Daniella Anthropology Department
Garcia, Elizabeth American Studies
Garcia, Samuel J College of Letters
Garrett, Matthew Carl English Department
Gilmore, Martha S. Earth & Environmental Science
Glick, Megan H. American Studies
Goldberg, Greg Sociology Department
Gonzalez, Bernardo Antonio Romance Languages & Literature
Goslinga, Gillian Anthropology Department
Gosman, Martin Economics Department
Gottschalk, Peter S. Religion Department
Grabel, Laura B. Biology Department
Grace, Claire Robbin Art and Art History
Grant, Roger Mathew Music Department
Grappo, Laura American Studies
Greenblatt, Rachel History Department
Greene, Anne F. English Department
Greene, Nathanael History Department
Greenwood, James P. Earth & Environmental Science
Grimmer-Solem, Erik History Department
Grossman, Richard S. Economics Department
Gruen, Lori Philosophy Department
Guenova, Ludmila Ludmilova Philosophy Department
Guingona, Vincent Mathematics
Haddad, Mary Alice Government Department
Harris, Clemmie L. African American Studies Prog
Hatano-Cohen, Miyuki College of East Asian Studies
Hatch, Anthony Ryan Science in Society Program
Herbst, William Astronomy Department
Hermant, Olivier M. Mathematics
Higgins, Scott College of Film and Moving Ima
Hildum, Alyson Mathematics
Hill, Cameron Donnay Mathematics
Hill, Patricia R. American Studies
Hingorani, Manju Molecular Biology & Biochem
Hogendorn, Christiaan Economics Department
Hoggard, Jay Clinton Music Department
Holmes, Oliver W. History Department
Holmes, Scott G. Molecular Biology & Biochem
Hornstein, Abigail Economics Department
Horst, Steven W. Philosophy Department
Hovey, Mark A. Mathematics
Hsieh, Hsin-Chin College of East Asian Studies
Hudes, Quiara Alegria Theater Department
Huge, Elijah Art and Art History
Hughes, Meredith Astronomy Department
Hunt, Erica English Department
Hüwel, Lutz Physics Department
Imai, Masami Economics Department
Irani, Tushar Philosophy Department
Jackson, Elizabeth Anne Romance Languages & Literature
Jacobsen, Joyce Economics Department
Jenkins, Ronald S. Theater Department
Johnson, Ruth Ineke Biology Department
Johnston, William D. History Department
Juhasz, Barbara Jean Psychology Department
Kaparakis, Emmanuel I. Quantitative Analysis Center
Karamcheti, Indira American Studies
Katz, Dalit Religion Department
Kauanui, J. Kehaulani Anthropology Department
Kaye, Kerwin Sociology Department
Keats, Anthony Bruno Economics Department
Kerr, Shona Physical Education Department
Khamis, Melanie Economics Department
Kilgard, Roy E. Astronomy Department
Kirn, John Biology Department
Klecha-Porter, Patricia Physical Education Department
Kleinberg, Ethan History Department
Knee, Joseph L. Chemistry Department
Kolcio, Katja P. Dance Department
Korda, Natasha English Department
Kottos, Tsampikos Physics Department
Krishnan, Hari Dance Department
Krizanc, Daniel Mathematics
Ku, Timothy C.W. Earth & Environmental Science
Kuenzel, David Julian Economics Department
Kuenzli, Katherine M. Art and Art History
Kuivila, Ronald J. Music Department
Kurtz, Matthew M. Psychology Department
Kus, Basak Sociology Department
Lackey, Gale Physical Education Department
Lalande, Christine Romance Languages & Literature
Lane, Jennifer Shea Physical Education Department
Lane, Robert P. Molecular Biology & Biochem
Lee, Sang Ah Economics Department
Leidy, Constance Mathematics
Lennox, Jeffers History Department
Lensing, Leo A. College of Film and Moving Ima
Li, Han Mathematics
Licata, Catherine Bridgette College of Film and Moving Ima
Licata, Dan Mathematics
Lim, Elvin Government Department
Lipton, James Mathematics
Liu, Mengjun College of East Asian Studies
Longenecker, Marc Robert College of Film and Moving Ima
Loui, Psyche Psychology Department
Lourie, Susan F. Dance Department
Lu, Chia-Yu Joy Music Department
Maceli, Peter Lawson Mathematics
MacQueen, Amy Molecular Biology & Biochem
Maines, Clark Art and Art History
Mantzaris, John Chemistry Department
Mark, Peter A. Art and Art History
Marks, Justin Dickinson Mathematics
Martin, Douglas Arthur English Department
Masters, Bruce A. History Department
Matesan, Ioana Emy Government Department
Matthusen, Paula Music Department
McAlear, Michael A. Molecular Biology & Biochem
McAlister, Elizabeth Religion Department
McCann, Sean English Department
McCarty, Andrea College of Film and Moving Ima
McGuire, James W. Government Department
McKenna, Jodi Physical Education Department
McPhilimy, Chelsie Dance Department
Meere, Michael Romance Languages & Literature
Meredith, Eva Bergsten Physical Education Department
Merjan, Barbara Music Department
Meyer, Priscilla Russian, East European, and Eu
Miller, Cecilia History Department
Model, Ben College of Film and Moving Ima
Monts, Marichal Bryan Music Department
Moon, Cybele Elise Theater Department
Moon, J. Donald Government Department
Moran, Edward C. Astronomy Department
Morawski, Jill G. Psychology Department
Morgan, Thomas J. Physics Department
Mukerji, Ishita Molecular Biology & Biochem
Mullen, Kate Physical Education Department
Naecker, Jeffrey Kendell Economics Department
Naegele, Janice R Biology Department
Nakamura, Miri College of East Asian Studies
Nascimento, Claudia Tatinge Theater Department
Neary, Louise C. Romance Languages & Literature
Nelson, David Paul Music Department
Nelson, Michael B. Government Department
Nerenberg, Ellen Romance Languages & Literature
Newman, Sarah Elizabeth Anthropology Department
Nguyen, Marguerite Bich English Department
Nisse, Ruth English Department
Northrop, Brian Hale Chemistry Department
Novick, Stewart E. Chemistry Department
O'Connell, Suzanne B. Earth & Environmental Science
Oleinikov, Pavel V Quantitative Analysis Center
Oliver, Donald B. Molecular Biology & Biochem
Olson, Rich Molecular Biology & Biochem
Orr, Allison Diane College of Environment
Ospina, Maria Romance Languages & Literature
Ostrow, Catherine R. Romance Languages & Literature
Otake, Eiko Dance Department
Oteíza, Marcela Theater Department
Othon, Christina Marie Physics Department
Ouyang, Ning Quantitative Analysis Center
Overbey, Ryan Richard Religion Department
Ozkan, Nazire Economics Department
Park, Paula C. Romance Languages & Literature
Parkin, Richard Wayne College of Film and Moving Ima
Parslow, Christopher Classical Studies
Patalano, Andrea L. Psychology Department
Patton, Peter C. Earth & Environmental Science
Perez-Girones, Ana M. Romance Languages & Literature
Personick, Michelle Louise Chemistry Department
Pfister, Joel English Department
Pinch, William R. History Department
Pitts-Taylor, Victoria Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality
Plass, Ulrich German Studies
Plous, Scott L. Psychology Department
Poisson, Catherine Romance Languages & Literature
Pollack, David Mathematics
Ponsavady, Stéphanie Romance Languages & Literature
Potemkina, Nadya Music Department
Potter, Christopher J. Physical Education Department
Poulos, Helen Mills Environmental Studies Program
Pratt, Rex F. Chemistry Department
Quijada, Justine Religion Department
Raba, John G. Physical Education Department
Ramírez, Felipe A. Mathematics
Randall, Julia A. Art and Art History
Rasmussen, Christopher Mathematics
Rayack, Wendy Economics Department
Redfield, Seth Astronomy Department
Reilly, Joseph P. Physical Education Department
Resor, Phillip G. Earth & Environmental Science
Rider, Jeff Romance Languages & Literature
Roberts, Michael J. Classical Studies
Robinson, Mike Psychology Department
Rodriguez Mosquera, Patricia Maria Psychology Department
Rogan, Clare I. Art and Art History
Rosario, Melissa Anthropology Department
Rose, Jennifer S. Center for Pedagogical Innovat
Rosenfeld, Sam Hoffmann Government Department
Rosenthal, Rob Sociology Department
Roth, Michael S. University Studies
Rouse, Joseph T. Philosophy Department
Royer, Dana Earth & Environmental Science
Rubenstein, Mary-Jane Victoria Religion Department
Rudensky, Sasha Art and Art History
Rushdy, Ashraf H.A. English Department
Russu, Irina M. Chemistry Department
Rutland, Peter Government Department
Saint, Lily Leopold English Department
Sanislow, Charles A. Psychology Department
Sawhney, Hirsh English Department
Schatz, Ronald W. History Department
Schiff, Jeffrey Art and Art History
Schmidt, Kathleen Elizabeth Psychology Department
Schorr, David Art and Art History
Schwartz, Nancy L. Government Department
Scibona, Salvatore English Department
Scott, Anthony O. College of Film and Moving Ima
Scowcroft, Philip H. Mathematics
Sena, Yunchiahn Chen Art and Art History
Sendra Ferrer, Olga Romance Languages & Literature
Shapiro, Norman R. Romance Languages & Literature
Sharma, Anu (Aradhana) Anthropology Department
Shaw, Gary History Department
Shaw, Rashida Z. English Department
Sheehan-Connor, Damien Francis Economics Department
Shepherd, Caitlin Briana Psychology Department
Shieh, Sanford Philosophy Department
Shusterman, Anna Psychology Department
Singer, Michael Biology Department
Siry, Joseph M. Art and Art History
Skillman, Gilbert L. Economics Department
Skyhorse, Brando English Department
Slobin, Mark Music Department
Smith, Courtney Weiss English Department
Smolkin-Rothrock, Victoria History Department
Solomon, Peter Gordon Physical Education Department
Somera, Benjamin Lawrence Physical Education Department
Souto Alcalde, David Romance Languages & Literature
Springer, Elise Philosophy Department
Stanton, Nicole Lynn Dance Department
Starr, Francis W. Physics Department
Steele, Robert S. Psychology Department
Stein, Jamie College of Film and Moving Ima
Stemler, Steven E. Psychology Department
Stewart, Brian A. Physics Department
Sultan, Sonia Biology Department
Sumarsam, Prof. Music Department
Swedberg, Anne Kristin Theater Department
Szegedy-Maszak, Andrew Classical Studies
Tan, Ying Jia History Department
Tang, Amy Cynthia English Department
Taylor, Erika A. Chemistry Department
Telfair, Tula Art and Art History
Teter, Magda History Department
Thomas, Ellen College of Integrative Science
Tien, Pao-Lin Economics Department
Tölölyan, Khachig College of Letters
Torgerson, Jesse Wayne College of Letters
Traube, Elizabeth G. Anthropology Department
Treloar, Helen B. Neuroscience and Behavior Prog
Treme, Matthew James Romance Languages & Literature
Truitt, Patrick Andrew Physics Department
Tucker, Jennifer History Department
Twagira, Laura Ann History Department
Tynan, Patrick Physical Education Department
Ulysse, Gina Athena Anthropology Department
Varekamp, Johan C. Earth & Environmental Science
Velez, Yamil Ricardo Government Department
Versey, H. Shellae Psychology Department
Vinci, Keith Less Commonly Taught Languages
Visvardi, Eirene Classical Studies
Voth, Greg A. Physics Department
Wagoner, Phillip B. Art and Art History
Wang, Ao College of East Asian Studies
Warren, Leslie A. Less Commonly Taught Languages
Waterman, Alexander Owen Music Department
Weil, Kari College of Letters
Weild, Kim Theater Department
Weiner, Stephanie Kuduk English Department
Weir, Michael P. Biology Department
Weiss, Margot Anthropology Department
Weissman, Ruth Striegel Psychology Department
Westling, Lynn Adrea Physics Department
Westmoreland, T. David Chemistry Department
Whalen, Michael F. Physical Education Department
Wheeler, Geoffrey H. Physical Education Department
Wiliarty, Sarah E. Government Department
Wilkins, Clara L. Psychology Department
Williams, Amrys O. History Department
Williams, Kim Physical Education Department
Willis, Elizabeth English Department
Winston, Krishna R. German Studies
Woodworth, Mark A. Physical Education Department
Yohe, Gary W. Economics Department
Zamboni, Camilla Romance Languages & Literature
Zheng, Su Music Department
Zhu, Xiaomiao College of East Asian Studies