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No Courses Offered.

Fall 2017      Historical Texts and Traditions Courses       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
RELI201Introduction to The Hebrew Bible (Old Testament): From Canaan to Canon

Fall 2017      Contemporary Society and Politics Courses       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
HEBR211Hebrew Literature

Fall 2017      Language Courses       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
ARAB201Intermediate Arabic I
ARAB301Advanced Arabic I
HEBR101Elementary Hebrew I
HEBR201Intermediate Hebrew I
HEBR211Hebrew Literature

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HIST232Turkey and the Balkans, 1453 to present
Spring 2018      Gateway Courses       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
GOVT270Comparative Politics of the Middle East
HIST234The Modern Middle East

Spring 2018      Historical Texts and Traditions Courses       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
HIST337Mystical Traditions in Islam
RELI221Islam and Muslim Cultures

Spring 2018      Contemporary Society and Politics Courses       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
GOVT270Comparative Politics of the Middle East

Spring 2018      Language Courses       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
ARAB202Intermediate Arabic II
ARAB311Introduction to Colloquial Levantine Arabic I
HEBR102Elementary Hebrew II
HEBR202Intermediate Hebrew II

Spring 2018      Electives       Home       Archive       Search       CMES
CCIV201Art and Archaeology of the Bronze Age Mediterranean

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